Vice President, Meghan Ziobro & CEO, Curex, Gene Kakaulin Speak at HITLAB Symposium

Meghan Ziobro, Vice President, Growth for Scarlet Health®, at BioReference Laboratories, was invited to be a panel speaker at a recent HITLAB Digital Health symposium: Digital Diagnostics. Ziobro and panel participant, Gene Kakaulin, Co-Founder and CEO of Curex – an online allergy and asthma clinic and Scarlet® client – discussed how telehealth options for consumers are experiencing ever greater demand. HITLAB is an organization that aims to disrupt and improve health technology and the delivery of healthcare around the world. Ziobro and Kakaulin teamed up to discuss how online clinics like Curex depend on trusted laboratory providers to deliver streamlined digital healthcare experiences to patients as well as healthcare providers.

Below is a brief summary of the panel discussion – You can watch the full 10-minute discussion with Ziobro and Kakaulin here or click on the video below to learn more.

There is no exaggerating the contribution the pandemic has had on the rapid acceleration of available telemedicine options and solutions for patients. Over the course of the last nearly three years, there has been a major uptick in the interest, acceptance, and adoption of telemedicine services. Additionally, there has been an increase in understanding the role laboratory diagnostics has in patients’ lives, which has also sparked curiosity and conversation about it.

How Do Laboratory Diagnostics Fit Into Virtual Care Experiences?

Reluctance towards telemedicine solutions continues to drop while demand continues to rise at a rapid pace. Patients are expressing interest and an openness to virtual care as a way to receive care and treatment. Noting these trends and changes, investments on the part of digital health companies, like Scarlet and Curex, are shifting from non-emergent care to primary care. However, with primary care for instance there needs to be a fuller picture of a patient’s health, which includes integrating laboratory diagnostics.

Scarlet creates a fully integrated digital health experience. Curex, an online allergy and asthma clinic, knows that about 60 million US Americans suffer to some degree with allergy and/or asthma symptoms. While Curex aims to provide patients with a specialty digital healthcare experience, Scarlet is what allows patients to stay home and conveniently receive mobile phlebotomy services. These services combined provide a fully integrated and patient-centered digital experience that is on par with other consumer transactions like with Amazon or Uber.

Meghan Ziobro, Vice President, Growth for Scarlet Health says telehealth companies are seeing significant growth in demand as patients seek out virtual care options.

Investing in Experience and Access

As patients begin to acquaint themselves with digital health technologies and telemedicine options, despite it being new to many, the bar for on-demand experiences is already set high thanks to other companies and industries, like online banking, which is very familiar to consumers. Ziobro and Kakaulin both noted how critical it is not only to create more points of access for patients, but also to deliver streamlined, transparent, and positive experiences.

BioReference and Scarlet are reimagining the collection experience by identifying and removing obstacles and barriers that open new points of access for patients that are both convenient and comfortable experiences. Ultimately, Ziobro and Kakaulin agree that integrated systems must work together to create the most positive experience for the patient – Scarlet and Curex are on track to deliver on that mission.