Executive Team

Executive Officers

Marc D. Grodman, M.D.
Chairman of the Board, President
& Chief Executive Officer
Email: mgrodman@bioreference.com

Howard Dubinett
Executive Vice President
& Chief Operating Officer
Email: hdubinett@bioreference.com

Sam Singer
Director-Board of Directors
Email: ssinger@bioreference.com

Richard Faherty
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Affairs, Interoperability and Communications
Email: rfaherty@bioreference.com

Warren Erdmann
Senior Vice President/
Director of Operations
Email: werdmann@bioreference.com

Nicholas Papazicos
Senior Vice President,
& Chief Financial Officer
Email: npapazicos@bioreference.com

Charles T. Todd, Jr.
Senior Vice President,
Sales and Marketing
Email: ctodd@bioreference.com

James Weisberger, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.S.C.P.
Senior Vice President,
Chief Medical Officer,
Director of Hematopathology
Email: jweisberger@bioreference.com

Sherri Bale
Managing Director, GeneDx
Email: sbale@genedx.com

Dean Gaalaas
Chief Operating Officer, GeneDx
Email: dgaalaas@genedx.com

Amar Kamath
Vice President, Marketing
Email: akamath@bioreference.com