Customer Testimonials

At BioReference, we work with healthcare providers to change the standard of patient care to be more convenient, affordable and personal, aiming for more efficiency within the healthcare system, not more tests for each patient. Below is a sampling of how we’re serving healthcare providers and their patients with more than laboratory results—with actionable, empowering knowledge.


Ramapo Valley OBGYN is extremely pleased with using BioReference as our lab. My account executive is always available and extremely helpful. Ordering supplies is an easy task. Lab results are easy to read and come back promptly in a timely manner. I rarely see any errors and BioReference goes out of their way to please our patients. Our practice is comfortable using a lab that is up to date with Women’s Health testing and services.

Michelle Lyons, Medical Assistant


I use BioReference because I like their reports. My account executive is very reliable when I call her – she is always available anytime, day or night.

Samuel Affus, Lab Technician
Methuselah Medical - New Rochelle, NY


BioReference is a convenient and friendly lab, located close to our practice. Our account executive is professional easy to reach, and provides onsite counseling. Lab results are sent in a timely manner. We are very happy with the service we receive.

Michaela Mason, Office Manager


I chose BioReference as my preferred lab partner due to my initial encounter with my account executive when I was looking for a lab that would meet the needs of the Spring Valley population. She has been an asset to the success of my practice, and is always ready to find a way to help me and my patients. I will never go to a different lab.

Liliana Lopez, DNP/FNP


It starts with the management staff at the laboratory. They are friendly and provide a great service. If there are any issues, they are addressed immediately and the follow up is fabulous. As a corporation, we do order a lot of labs and it is great to have a provider that ensures that the follow-up is timely and accurate.

Jennifer D Rini, RN
Opis Senior Services Group - Tampa, FL


I chose BioReference because of my account executive. He is as dependable as he is professional. Since signing on as a client with BioReference, the company has proven to be a highly skilled laboratory where service is placed at the top. My expectations have been exceeded and I am extremely satisfied – best lab experience in 25 years.

Emilio Biagiotti, MD
Family Medical - Bronx, NY