Customer Testimonials

At BioReference, we work with healthcare providers to change the standard of patient care to be more convenient, affordable and personal, aiming for more efficiency within the healthcare system, not more tests for each patient. Below is a sampling of how we’re serving healthcare providers and their patients with more than laboratory results—with actionable, empowering knowledge.


BioReference is overall the best lab I have ever worked with. There is a short timeframe to get lab test results, and the reports are clear and easy to read – they are the best I’ve seen in my 30 years of experience. In particular, they deliver very fast and reliable urine drug screen results. It is very easy to communicate with lab technicians (client service) and we have a dedicated account executive.

Tadeusz J Majchrzak, MD, PhD


Our sales account executive is one on the main reasons we chose BioReference as our laboratory partner. She is always here for us and is knowledgeable in the field. BioReference as a lab is great, and we receive results in a quick and timely manner.

Rajveer Sachdev, MD
Primary Medical Care of Rockland - Garnerville, NY

Kenneth and Angelo

We choose BioReference because of our phenomenal account executive, as well as the prompt and courteous customer service center. We also like that the laboratory also offers a discount for uninsured patients.

Kenneth Nyer, MD and Angelo Michilli, MD
Primacare Medical, A Division of ProHealth Care Associates - Bronx, NY


Circle of Life Family Medicine has chosen BioReference because our account executive is reliable and has great communication. There are very few mistakes – and if there are they are fixed promptly and efficiently. The range of testing the laboratory offers is great, and the reports are easy to read with highlighted abnormal and previous results.

Christopher Pichay, MD


We have been using BioReference for about a year. We like that we can get a majority of our labs back within 24-hours, as well as reports highlight abnormal results. Our local account executive is always available for any questions that we may have, and you can’t beat their self-pay price for patients.

Elias Saikali, MD
North Florida Medical Association - Jacksonville, FL


BioReference provides excellent customer service, quick turnaround times, and great patient satisfaction. All of my patients have come back happy with the quality of service they receive at BioReference.

Vishal C Patel, MD