Customer Testimonials

At BioReference, we work with healthcare providers to change the standard of patient care to be more convenient, affordable and personal, aiming for more efficiency within the healthcare system, not more tests for each patient. Below is a sampling of how we’re serving healthcare providers and their patients with more than laboratory results—with actionable, empowering knowledge.


We are very happy with the level of customer service we receive from BioReference. We have been a client for over 20 years, and are extremely satisfied with the laboratory services and solutions they provide.

Carlos F. Driggs, MD


My office always gets results in a timely manner. The results are easy to read for my patients, my staff, and myself. Everyone at the laboratory is very helpful.

Nnaemeka Agajelu, MD


We have been using BioReference for 3 years now and they continue to provide lab services in a timely manner that helps our facility in preventing re-hospitalizations. What is so unique about BioReference is our dedicated account executive. She exemplifies a true picture of a sales representative, and always goes above and beyond her duty. When we had a flu outbreak, she ensured timely results of labs, and as we tested every one of our residents, she personally delivered culturettes herself. Because of all her help, we were able to clear our facility right away.

Alicia Fereno, RN


I originally chose BioReference Lab because of our account executive. I knew that she would not represent a lab unless it provided the highest level of quality and service, and that she would provide exceptional customer service to our practice and patients. The lab reports come back quickly and in an easy-to-read format. Our Providers and patients appreciate the vast array of testing available from BioReference. We rarely experience any billing problems but when we do, our account executive quickly resolves the problem, which keeps our patients happy. We have used all of the other larger labs in our area and none of them came even close to the quality of service provided by BioReference. I can’t think of even one negative thing to say about this lab! Exceptional in every way!

Teri Flagg, Practice Manager
Bradenton Internal Medicine PA - Bradenton, FL


BioReference is a convenient and friendly lab, located close to our practice. Our account executive is professional easy to reach, and provides onsite counseling. Lab results are sent in a timely manner. We are very happy with the service we receive.

Michaela Mason, Office Manager


I chose BioReference as my preferred lab partner due to my initial encounter with my account executive when I was looking for a lab that would meet the needs of the Spring Valley population. She has been an asset to the success of my practice, and is always ready to find a way to help me and my patients. I will never go to a different lab.

Liliana Lopez, DNP/FNP