Quality Control and Quality Assurance

BioReference® Health, LLC is a CLIA-certified laboratory and is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Please review our complete list of licenses here.

In addition, we routinely augment proficiency tests on a voluntary basis, with a comprehensive “in-house” program of quality control and assurance. Our internal quality control program:

  • Utilizes blind split samples
  • Reviews all control data carried out the previous 24 hours on a daily basis
  • Monitors short- and long-term shifts and trends of control data
  • Statistically reviews patient means data for the most commonly used tests
  • Produces monthly computerized quality assurance reports that compare our results with all other laboratories using the same reagents and methodologies
  • Provides regular seminars to all scientific staff, updating staff on newer procedures and clinical advances in the field

While BioReference® utilizes the most cutting-edge instrumentation, the continued accuracy of results depends upon the skills of our senior scientists, medical technologists and technicians. We pride ourselves on our medical staff that continuously collaborate to bring you dedicated service and quality in a timely manner.