Scientific Expertise and Innovation

We know that physicians rely on diagnostic laboratories for much more than just quality testing and accurate results. That’s why, in this rapidly changing healthcare environment, we attract the most outstanding scientists to keep our testing services on the cutting edge, and bring physicians clinically relevant, financially responsible testing options. Our medical staff is comprised of more than 160 MD, PhD or other Professional level clinicians and scientists with expertise across all fields, including Pathology, Cytogenetics, Coagulation, Genetics and R&D.

For 30 years our clients have counted on BioReference to stay at the forefront of the industry. From routine tests to highly specialized esoteric assays, we cover all diagnostic testing needs with 99% of our tests performed in-house for convenient ordering, cumulative reporting and better patient care and management.

The Future of Medicine

As the leader in genomics and sequencing services and the largest commercial contributor to ClinVar, BioReference is helping to advance a global understanding of human genetics that will change the course of our business and modern medicine. Additionally, our associations with researchers and academic medical centers put us at the forefront of global R&D, enabling physicians and scientists to learn from each other and potentially resolve the most challenging diseases of our time. We are 5,200 strong and inspired by a collective vision: A day when patients avoid the trauma of invasive procedures, parents don’t suffer from a child’s misdiagnosis and more people can afford to be healthy.

Our laboratory makes strategic investments in emerging laboratory technology to ensure scientific excellence. BioReference is pleased to bring physicians innovative testing solutions, including:


Use the 4Kscore to accurately identify a man’s risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

Heart Health Profile

Use the Heart Health Lipoprotein Particle Profile to accurately determine and diagnose cardiovascular risk.


Use OnkoMatch to identify over 100 mutations across 14 key cancer genes from one tissue sample.


Use the STORMPATH remote pathology solution to provide a complete, easy-to-use web-based interface for ordering, analyzing and reporting patient test results.


Use GenPap to identify multiple pathogens from a single sample.


Use InheriGen carrier screening to determine a patient’s risk of having a baby with an inherited genetic disorder.

Hereditary Cancer Program

Use the Hereditary Cancer Program to accurately and appropriately identify individuals at risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome.


Use GeneDx next generation sequencing technologies to answer meaningful clinical questions in cardiology, neurology and ophthalmology, among other clinical areas.