Value of Laboratory Analytics

The value of laboratory analytics is immeasurable. We’re transforming the laboratory experience by closing the gap between data and diagnosis, allowing physicians to better anticipate patient needs, improve efficiencies and provide more personalized care. Through Global CareIndex™, we aim to aide in the treatment of patients with medical, actionable and understandable information.

Global CareIndex

Global CareIndex™ (GCI) is a proprietary data and analytics platform that provides practice management and patient action tools that:

  • Allow the user to generate easy to read, custom and cumulative reports. GCI provides graphic representations to compare and analyze laboratory results from multiple locations to ensure consistent patient care.
  • Provide chronic disease management reports to track at-risk patients who have not been reevaluated for chronic disease based on abnormal results.
  • Help recognize active disease in patients to monitor treatment progress and identify potential disease that may require additional evaluation.
  • Organize data benchmarks according to an individual’s or practice’s own parameters to track and trend treatment of disease across multiple providers.

GCI Benefits:

  • Improve patient care and practice operations
  • Facilitate patient follow-up
  • Evaluate and track disease progression
  • Benchmark, track and trend laboratory data
  • Identify at-risk patient populations
  • Achieve pay for performance goals

COVID-19 Dashboard

The new COVID-19 Dashboard, part of Global CareIndex, is a custom reporting tool specific to COVID-19 testing and gives organizations an aggregate look at:

  • Positivity rates
  • Total number of tests
  • Pending tests
  • Demographics (age, gender)
  • Laboratory location
  • Turn-Around-Time