Specialized Departments

BioReference Laboratories offers healthcare providers a single source for all laboratory testing needs in both the primary care and specialty health care segments.

BioReference takes great pride in the exceptional people who stand behind our services. Our specialized departments and dedicated team of highly-trained support personnel give us a diverse vantage point to handle all inquiries and requests with the utmost care and expertise.

Please find below, a listing of relevant departments and specialized services, to handle all of your laboratory needs.

Billing – Billing and insurance services
Client Services – Customer service, test results, STATS, report questions, general inquiries
QC – Quality control and assurance
Sales – Specialized sales services
Processing – Specimen handling
Clinical Laboratory – Technical laboratory services
IT – Information Technology services
Logistics – Courier Services, specimen pick-up and delivery, supplies
Phlebotomy – Patient services centers, phlebotomy services