A Renewed Purpose: Science, Service and Innovation

You might have noticed an update in our name from BioReference Laboratories, Inc. to BioReference Health, LLC. While it may be a small shift in what we call ourselves, our new identity represents a significant difference in how we deliver our solutions and services.

For more than four decades, BioReference has built a legacy based on scientific excellence, innovation and world-class service in laboratory testing solutions. Amidst a tidal wave of change in healthcare in recent years, BioReference has evolved, adding significant services and solutions aimed at addressing the needs of today’s patients and customers. Laboratory testing remains the cornerstone to the services we provide. As we challenge the limits of specialty diagnostics, we are making strategic investments to continue drive innovation and cultivate a unique customer experience, as well as expanding our reach to match the dynamic needs of an ever-changing healthcare system.

With a renewed purpose and passion for what we do best, we have the unique opportunity to reintroduce our organization as BioReference. Our name signifies simplicity, while our brand is a visual representation of our science, service and innovation. The color palette reflects that of our specialized brands, cohesively working together to drive the future of science in the areas of oncology, urology and women’s health diagnostics. The signature rounded edge of our brand mark highlights our drive to create a seamless customer service experience and keeping our thinking outside the box when collaborating to create solutions that will fit our patients’ and customers’ needs. The purposeful use of a modern font represents innovation – increasing the accessibility, convenience, efficiency, and scientific excellence of diagnostic testing.

As BioReference, we remain committed to providing industry leading diagnostic services to healthcare providers, patients, and organizations. Thank you for joining us in our journey to provide innovative solutions based on trusted service and scientific excellence. Click here to learn more about our leadership, company and brands.