BioReference Health and Prognos Health Collaborate to Advance Precision Medicine and Testing

Anuj Kalsy, Lead, Data & Strategy, and Sr. Director of Pharmaceutical Arrangements at BioReference Health

Elmwood Park, NJ – November 28, 2023 – BioReference® Health, LLC (BRH), a leading specialty laboratory in the United States, announced a strategic collaboration with Prognos Health, a pioneer in providing accessible, quality real world data (“RWD”) for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. This collaborative arrangement will offer healthcare providers and researchers unique solutions to inform clinical studies and improve patient outcomes. Combining genetic data and critical biomarkers, means targeted precision therapies based on patients’ genetic profiles will be more readily available. 

The collaboration combines BioReference Health’s expertise in genomic data analysis with Prognos Health’s managed RWD marketplace. Prognos is accelerating the development and delivery of innovative therapies and provides an unparalleled collection of health records on more than 325 million de-identified patient health records. Adding genomics will create even more solutions for patients and healthcare providers.

“Precision medicine holds immense potential to transform healthcare outcomes, and this agreement comes at a time when the global healthcare industry is recognizing the immense value of RWD in advancing precision medicine,” said Anuj Kalsy, Lead, Data & Strategy, and Sr. Director of Pharmaceutical Arrangements at BioReference Health. “Our collaboration with Prognos Health allows us to unlock the full potential of genomics and a comprehensive RWD marketplace to bring us closer to a future where personalized treatments are the norm.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with BioReference Health, a leader in genomic data and laboratory analytics,” added Sundeep Bhan, CEO of Prognos Health. “Together, we intend to harness the power of actionable data to accelerate drug discovery, help enable more effective diagnostics, and enhance decision-making throughout the pharmaceutical and life sciences domains and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”


About BioReference Health, LLC
BioReference® Health LLC, an OPKO Health, Inc. Company (NASDAQ: OPK), empowers confident healthcare decisions by prioritizing service, creating innovative solutions, and offering scientific expertise in oncology, urology, and women’s health. Headquartered in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, BioReference operates 10 laboratory facilities around the country, is in-network with the largest health plans in the United States and processes more than 12 million tests annually. BioReference provides credible and tailored solutions for a variety of customers and patients, including medical practices small and large, hospitals and health systems, correctional institutions, government agencies, educational systems, and sport leagues. In addition to an extensive test menu with 99 percent of tests performed in-house, BioReference’s differentiated offerings include large-scale health screening programs, on-demand mobile phlebotomy, and transformative business solutions that optimize laboratory management. For more information visit

About Prognos Health
Prognos Health is a real-world data (RWD) company that unlocks the power of data to improve health. Prognos offers the leading managed RWD marketplace, accelerating the development and delivery of innovative therapies and improving health outcomes by offering fully integrated and harmonized lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients. Prognos Health’s platform provides a comprehensive and integrated view of patient health, enabling researchers, payers, and providers to make better decisions about care. For more information, visit

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