Cutting-Edge Solutions: Empowering Clinical Trials with Specialized Genomic Testing

Clinical testing and genomic insights have revolutionized the way disease is understood, which has enabled personalized treatment approaches that can be tailored to an individual’s unique genetic makeup. Harnessing the potential of genomic testing and its cutting-edge technology can significantly benefit patient outcomes.

Read on to learn how BioReference® is supporting genomic testing and clinical trials through its new Clinical & Research Use Only Genomic Testing Portfolio.

The Power of Clinical and Genomic Insights

Providing and delivering accurate and actionable genomic data aids researchers in unlocking critical insights that can drive personalized medicine. As each clinical trial is unique, customizing specialized genomic testing services helps researchers determine precise requirements. From study design to sample collection, processing, analysis, and interpretation, ensuring seamless integration with the necessary research objectives is paramount.

Tailored to support clinical trials, BioReference Health recently launched a service offering – Clinical & Research Use Only Genomic Testing. This unique test portfolio provides comprehensive insights into genetic variations, enabling researchers to identify biomarkers and develop therapies with enhanced efficacy.

Empowering Researchers with Valuable Healthcare Information

Clinical & Research Use Only Genomic Testing services offer a deep dive into the genetic landscape of patients, providing valuable information on DNA mutations, copy number variations, and gene expression patterns. This comprehensive profiling empowers researchers to identify predictive biomarkers, stratify patient populations, and optimize treatment strategies.

Leveraging next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarray analysis, and other advanced techniques to deliver precise and reliable results for clinical trials allows researchers to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Combined with industry-leading quality control measures, researchers can expect accurate and reliable results that maintain the highest standards of excellence, regulatory compliance, patient privacy and protection.

Novel Discoveries and Personalized Treatment

Clinical & Research Use Only Genomic Testing brings unprecedented insights into the genetic landscape, facilitating novel discoveries and personalized treatment strategies. BioReference is proud to offer a range of specialized services that go beyond conventional testing.

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Disclaimer: The mentioned services may be subject to specific regulations or availability based on regional or institutional restrictions. Please consult with a BRH representative for further details.