Fox Business Correspondent Charlie Gasparino Has Been Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer


Fox Business correspondent Charlie Gasparino was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month.

The TV newser made the diagnosis public on Sunday in his New York Post column. “A few weeks before my diagnosis, like many New Yorkers I caught Covid but had only mild symptoms. I worked out every day, throwing around weights in my basement and shadow boxing. A day after my ­10-day quarantine, I ran six miles. I proclaimed I would live until 120, at least.

“Then the blood test results came back: spiking PSA levels. (PSA is an enzyme and its elevation is a marker, albeit not a perfect one, for cancer of this annoying gland.) My recent MRI was fine, but the blood kept coming back weird, so my doctors recommended a biopsy. A day later, it came back with the diagnosis no one wants to hear: ‘Malignant prostate cancer.’”

The Fox Business newser appeared on Neil Cavuto‘s FBN show Coast to Coast Monday to discuss his cancer diagnosis further with a man who is all too familiar with the disease. Cavuto was previously diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997 and also successfully battled “near-life-ending” cancer years ago.

Gasparino shared that he had surgery last week and is going to be OK. He also has some advice for viewers: “Take action. Listen to your doctors. Don’t be afraid. The alternative is so much worse …”


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