School is (Almost) Back In-Session

Return To School Safely

As we continue through the dog days of summer, many parents, teachers and administrators are shifting gears to back-to-school season, and thinking about what in-person learning may look like amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Testing students will be key for schools looking to re-open, as many primary and secondary education students are unable to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Over the past year, BioReference Laboratories performed more public school testing than any other company in the U.S. and we are continuing to expand the number of schools we are collaborating with to provide comprehensive testing strategies that identify infection and promote healthy learning environments.

School Test Menu

As schools begin to shift to in-person learning, we are pleased to offer credible and innovative test solutions that meet the needs of schools. This includes a comprehensive COVID-19 test portfolio to meet the needs of schools, from primary to upper education:

  • Laboratory‑based PCR
  • Rapid POC PCR
  • Rapid POC Antigen
  • Pooling (In-Laboratory)
  • Pooling (Classroom)

In addition to COVID-19 specific programs, our full service laboratory can provide pediatric testing, food and environmental allergy testing, and other infectious and chronic disease testing services.

How Does School-Based Testing Work?

The thought of testing can be daunting for administrators, faculty, parents and students. Our turnkey experiences, built specifically for schools, have been designed to reduce this anxiety. Flexible to each school, we customize solutions based upon your needs, without any bulky setup. Our unique mobile technology allows us to check-in, verify and collect specimens from each student in just 90 seconds. Our on-site testing process is dependent on four stages.

  1. Consents and Forms: Parents or legal guardians of students, students 18 and older, and school staff complete consent and authorization forms.
  2. Schools Prepare: Schools identify testing groups and set up a simple preregistration file. Licensed healthcare provider is identified for ordering testing and receiving test results.
  3. Collection & Testing: Collection is performed, and specimens are prepared for delivery to the laboratory for testing.
  4. Results: Test results are securely released online to the ordering provider, school and tested individuals or their parents or legal guardians, as applicable.

Interested in our Testing Services for your School, Camp, or Organization?

We have already collaborated with 1,500+ schools, conducted 550,000+ tests for students K-12, teachers, and administrators. And we are prepared to help students and faculty return to in-person learning.

If you are a teacher or administrator, let us help get your students back safely into classrooms with on-site testing services created to support communities during this transitional time. Email us today at or click here to get started today.