COVID-19 Game Plan

Getting back to Playing Ball

The days are getting shorter, there is a cool crisp in the air, and the leaves are changing colors; it’s undoubtedly fall. The return of the autumnal season also means football has kicked-off, baseball playoffs are here, basketball is just beginning, hockey players are ready to hit the ice, and soccer teams have rivalry match-ups. Whether you are a fan of professional, college, or recreational sports, or you’re an athlete, an official or team staff member, October is an exciting month in the world of sports.

COVID-19 Testing for Sports Fans

As we withstand the second COVID-19 impacted sports season, most leagues and associations have already established vaccination and COVID-19 testing protocols to help ensure the safety of players and fans alike. If you are a fan and planning to attend any in-person games, we encourage you to visit league and team websites for official vaccination, testing, and mask policies, as these vary by league, team and location.

COVID-19 Testing for Athletes

Over the course of the pandemic, BioReference has collaborated with many professional and amateur sport leagues and athletic organizations to provide comprehensive, on-location, turn-key COVID-19 testing strategies that help create healthy environments for athletes and staff. With a national footprint and niche market experience, we are able to provide sport customers of all sizes the ease of a single-laboratory experience for all testing needs, and innovative custom-designed solutions that help ensure maximum efficiency – including digital registration and check-in, on-site specimen collection, HIPAA-compliant, secure online test result access, and educational resources for athletes and fans.

Health and Wellness Solutions for Athletes

Now, we are using our experiences to assist athletic trainers, medical directors, associations and leagues with testing solutions that seamlessly integrate into performance improvement initiatives and wellness solutions that advance the health and safety of athletes.

We are ready to collaborate with sports leagues to provide comprehensive, digital, and on-location diagnostic services. Click here for more information, and contact us today to get started with our turn-key COVID-19 testing solutions and athletic wellness and performance programs.


*Includes Wheel Health licensed healthcare provider oversight. Please confirm the specific test requirements with your venue or event prior to purchase. High laboratory demand might lead to turnaround time delays. Please note that turnaround time starts upon receipt of the specimen at the laboratory.