Celebrating Medical Laboratory Professionals | Lab Week 2022

Each year, the last week of April brings a special time to recognize the dedicated individuals at the core of BioReference – Laboratory Professionals. Since 1975, the American Society of Laboratory Science (ASCLS), with the support of 17 national organizations, has taken this time to observe the contributions of laboratory professionals to the field of healthcare.

With the dynamic demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the continued, unwavering response across our teams and industry – laboratorians deserve the spotlight now more than ever.

Laboratory professionals may not be the first faces that come to mind when envisioning a healthcare team, but they play a critical role in patient advocacy and clinical health. Every day, these dedicated individuals embark on a search for answers that are pivotal to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases – making them essential members of healthcare teams.

We would like to emphasize the diligent efforts of our laboratory employees across the company and country during the emergence of the Delta and Omicron variants this past year. Not only did BioReference teams rise to the occasion to absorb surging COVID-19 test volumes, but exhibited extreme efficiency and dedication to the management of routine clinical work.

“During such a challenging time while COVID-19 ran amuck in this country, for our team – any work belonging to the individual became the work of the collective” explains Catherine, Immunology Lab Supervisor. “Any work of the “I” shifted and became the work of the “We.”

Across the board, our lab teams’ proven commitment to public health and patient care is core to BioReference’s ability to deliver industry-leading test services.

2021 allowed BioReference to hit a new milestone – our 40th year in business. This anniversary provided an opportunity to honor our devoted team of laboratory professionals whose indispensable contributions have built a legacy of scientific expertise. Their continued diligence has helped cement BioReference’s position as the largest, full-service specialty laboratory in the United States, serving approximately 19 million patients annually.

Looking towards new technologies and collaborations, we acknowledge that all of these achievements are due in large part to the hard work of the scientists, pathologists, processors, technologists, aids, and other laboratory professionals that make up every department within BioReference and GenPath® Diagnostics, a division of BioReference Laboratories.

This week, and always, we celebrate the commitment of BioReference’s Laboratory Professionals to clinical and public health – and thank them for their dedication. As we continue to evolve in the digital health ecosphere, laboratorians can be sure that their steadfast contributions will continue to be celebrated, because, as the ASCLS says best – laboratory professionals get results.