New York expands rapid testing capabilities for economic reopening

News 10

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State is continuing to expand its rapid testing capabilities in an effort to safely reopen parts of the economy.

“We really want to help those who are asymptomatic, feel that sense of normal life,” says Meghan Ziobro, the General Manager of Consumer Diagnostics for BioReference Laboratories.

BioReference recently opened up a rapid testing site on Columbia Street in downtown Albany.

As rapid testing continues to expand in the state, it can help offer some peace of mind when attending a large event or meeting with some friends.

“We’re offering testing for patients five and older, so families looking to get together, children who are in school, really anyone is able to use the testing,” said Ziobro.

Expanded access to this type of testing is made possible through the New York Forward Rapid Test Program. It’s an initiative to safely reopen the event economy and cultural sector.

“Making it easy and very convenient for patients to come in, get a test, receive their results digitally and quickly, as soon as 30 minutes, and then continue on and find some semblance of normal life,” Ziobro explained.

To get tested, you simply go to the New York Forward website, make an appointment and get your test. Results are sent digitally within a half hour.

After receiving your negative test, you can be on your way, whether it’s going to see a show or seeing an event at the Times Union Center.

“As long as the rapid test is taken on the day of the event, within six hours of the event’s start time, a negative test result from a rapid test is allowable,” said Bob Belber, General Manager of the Times Union Center.

Currently, the state requires proof of vaccination or a negative test result to attend these types of events. The arena is also planning to offer fans rapid testing on-site the day of events.

“I just think the more that you’ve got a convenience factor for people to be able to get it as close to the venue as you can be, the better it would be for them,” Belber said.

New York Forward allows anyone to receive a rapid test for $30 or less. There are currently three sites in the Capital Region, including the BioReference location downtown, another near Stuyvesant Plaza and one in Malta.

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