Celebrating Laboratory Professionals Week

Lab Week 2023

Each year, the last week of April brings a special time to recognize the dedicated individuals at the core of BioReference – our Laboratory Professionals. Since 1975, Medical Laboratory Professionals Week has been observed by the American Society of Laboratory Science (ASCLS) and 17 other national organizations, as an annual celebration recognizing the contributions of laboratory professionals to the field of healthcare.

With 70% of medical decisions being based on lab testing results1, laboratory professionals play a critical role in patient advocacy and clinical health. Every day, these dedicated individuals embark on a search for answers that are pivotal to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases – making them essential members of healthcare teams.

This week, and always, we celebrate the commitment of laboratory professionals who skillfully adapt to meet today’s evolving patient care and public health challenges with resilience, innovation, and expertise – and thank them for their dedication to their roles. As BioReference continues to evolve and challenge the limits of specialty diagnostics, our laboratorians can be sure that their steadfast contributions will continue to be celebrated.

As the ASCLS says best – laboratory professionals get results!


  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/strengthening-clinical-labs.html