COVID-19 Testing for Sports Fans

BioReference has been providing COVID-19 testing for sports fans since early 2021 when the Buffalo Bills hosted the Wild Card game in January. It was the first time fans had been welcomed in the stadium since the pandemic began, and testing was mandatory in order to attend. Since then, BioReference has provided countless COVID-19 fan screening programs for professional sports teams and leagues across the country, helping to promote the health and safety of the players, staff, and fans.

COVID-19 Test Protocols for Fans

One constant through the pandemic has been change, and as we continue through another COVID-19 impacted sports season, it’s a good time to look into any changes the venue may have implemented before game time. For fans with tickets to any sporting events, it’s important to check on the COVID-19 testing protocols and requirements by visiting venues’ websites for official policies, as these can vary by league and state.