Celebrating One Year with Scarlet Health®

How do you measure a year?

It’s hard to believe that it has been one year since we first introduced Scarlet Health®. Combined with the magic of a new year, we are reflecting on everything that Scarlet accomplished in the past twelve months.

Acceleration of Telemedicine

While the pandemic kept people at home, the adoption of telemedicine services – by both patients and healthcare providers – has accelerated. We are in the midst of a digital transformation, one in which we have identified a gap in the diagnostic journey, and are reimagining every aspect of that journey to give patients and healthcare providers the most convenient and customizable experiences possible. That is why we introduced Scarlet® , an in-home, fully integrated digital platform providing access to on-demand diagnostic services, designed similarly to tools that patients use daily, to provide ease-of-use and ubiquitous conveniences.

Closed Gaps in Care

BioReference Laboratories launched Scarlet® as a way to offer patients a more convenient option to stay on top of their diagnostic testing. Diagnostics can be crucial in understanding a patient’s health, yet these test often don’t get completed for a variety of reasons: collection locations are too far away, there’s a lack of reliable transportation, or there are just too many competing life priorities. Scarlet meets patients where they are, whether at home or work, to complete blood draws and gather other specimens for diagnostic testing.

Pivoted to COVID-19 Testing

From the beginning, COVID-19 testing has played an integral role in navigating the pandemic. Last February, Scarlet began offering an option for patients to get a gentle nasal swab for COVID-19 at home or work. The RT-PCR test is considered the gold standard of testing, and with Scarlet, patients have been able to have easy access to testing and securely receive their test results for travel, large events, and more.

Expanded Test Menu

Diagnostic testing can take many forms including blood tests, urine tests, and more. Scarlet offers collection services for the majority of venipuncture, urine and RT-PCR COVID-19 tests. To date, Scarlet offers specimen collection nearly 1,500 tests and that number continues to grow to better serve our patients. To further help close gaps in care, the Scarlet team is always evaluating the test menu, looking at ways to add more tests when possible and continuing to provide great care.

Awards and Accomplishments

Scarlet has been recognized for various achievements throughout the year, and also celebrated some collaborations in healthcare.

Meet Scarlet

We are excited about what the next year, and beyond, will bring. As we move ahead, we’ll continue striving to empower patients with the knowledge and tools to drive their healthcare in the most simple, accurate and efficient manner.