Scarlet Health® Now Available to UnitedHealthcare Members

at home phlebotomy visit

BioReference Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to share that Scarlet Health® (“Scarlet”), a safe and convenient on-demand mobile specimen collection service, is now available to members and reimbursed by UnitedHealthcare. This distinction means that UnitedHealthcare members are now covered to receive a mobile specimen collection alternative to traditional patient service centers.  

What is Scarlet? 

Scarlet offers benefits on its own, like helping homebound patients with chronic conditions who need to complete regular laboratory testing, or giving a busy patient that doesn’t have time to visit the patient service center the convenience of having their specimen collected from their home. In addition, when using Scarlet, patients and healthcare providers also get all of the benefits of BioReference’s 40+ years of experience in diagnostics.  Our Scarlet Health Professionals are BioReference employees so patients receive the same high level of care as they would in one of our patient service centers.  

What Services are Included? 

  • Ease-of-Use: Patients will be provided a link after visiting or connecting virtually with their healthcare provider. 
  • Convenient Appointment Scheduling: After confirming the services needed, the patient will verify their identity and schedule a date and time, and choose their preferred location (i.e., home or place of employement) for a qualified Scarlet Health Professional to collect their laboratory specimen. 
  • Safe Service: Patients will then receive real-time updates and relevant information, such as learning how to prepare for the visit or track the Scarlet Health Professional’s arrival.  

“We’re removing barriers for UnitedHealthcare’s plan participants by bringing the laboratory directly to them through Scarlet,” said Jon R. Cohen, M.D., Executive Chairman of BioReference. “Scarlet improves and encourages patient-centered health care, utilizing a similar on-demand format that patients use every day from the comfort of their homes. BioReference is excited for the opportunity to serve UnitedHealthcare’s members providing a safe, convenient and easy solution for phlebotomy services.” 

Ready to Get Started with Scarlet? 

Scarlet provides a much-needed service that is efficient, secure, convenient, flexible, digitally enabled, and intuitive. Through Scarlet, eligible UnitedHealthcare members have access to a variety of tests. Click here for more information

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